Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (Government)

Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (Government)

Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (Government)

i-Aslah Kerajaan – Rakan Pintar – Rate for 2013/2014 : From 3.30%

Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (pinjaman peribadi Bank Rakyat i-Aslah) is one of the top islamic personal financing facilities offered by Bank Rakyat.

Bank Rakyat offers various type of financing facilites under the i-Aslah :

  1. Personal Financing-i Aslah Kerajaan – Rakan Pintar
  2. Personal Financing-i Aslah Swasta
  3. Personal Financing-i Aslah Senior Citizen

Aslah Kerajaan – Rakan Pintar Details

  • ATM Card Rakan Pintar
  • 50% discount MEPS transaction
  • 50% discount Tabung Haji transaction

Product Characteristics

  • Immediate approval


  • Malaysian citizens
  • Aged not less than 18 years old
  • Government Servant or Government Liaised Companies (GLC)
  • Minimum Monthly income at RM1, 000 for Government Servant and RM2,000 for private
  • In service for six (6) months and above

Total Financing

  • Up to RM200,000

Financing Duration

  • Repayment terms are between one and ten years.

Repayment Methods

  • Angkasa Service Bureau

Required Documents

The documents required for Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (Government) is as follows :

  • Photocopy of Identification Card
  • Certification of employer
  • Latest Payment Slip for three (3) months
  • Employee Provident Fund Statement with continuous contribution transaction for a minimum of six (6) months
  • Income Tax Statement (BE Form) for applicants that have been in service for one (1) year and above

Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (Government) Profit Rate

  • Please ask the sales person or read in the products disclosure sheet on the Effective Annual Profit Rate. Read here to understand about Effective Annual Profit Rate.

Personal Financing i-Aslah Repayment Table (Jadual Pembayaran Pembiayaan Peribadi i-Aslah Bank Rakyat) 2013

Jadual Pembayaran Pembiayaan Peribadi Aslah Kerajaan


How much does an Bank Rakyat’s Personal Financing i-Aslah cost?

This Personal Financing-i product has no processing fees and there are no hidden charges. You will need to pay Government Stamp Duty that amounts to 0.50% of the amount you borrow.

Apply Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah Online

If you are interested to apply Bank Rakyat Personal Financing (loan) i-Aslah, you can do it online at Bank Rakyat portal HERE.

Personal Loan/Personal Financing Calculator
Please use the loan calculator to check on the monthly repayment.

Personal Loan/ Personal Financing Details :
Name : Bank Rakyat
Website :

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