BSN Personal Financing

BSN Personal Financing

An exclusive personal financing package catered especially for executives for private sector with require no guarantor.

BSN Personal Loan

Product Characteristics

  • Immediate approval


»  Malaysian citizen.
»  Aged 21 and above (subject to maximum 55 years old during completion of the loan).
»  Holding position of Executive and above.
»  Permanent employee and has served for more than three (3) years.
»  Offered only to Employees of Statutory Body and GLC / GLA (other than existing selected
BPA organisation), Public Listed Company in Main Market Bursa Malaysia (selected sector)
and Professionals (Doctor, Architect, Lawyer, Accountant, and other certified Professionals).
»  Minimum Fixed Salary of RM3,000 (basic salary + fixed allowance).
»  BSN GIRO / GIRO-i Account holder.

Total Financing

Minimum of RM5,000 or Five (5) times of monthly gross salary or maximum RM200,000 subject to :

a) Monthly deduction limits not more than 60%.
b) Comply the Responsible Financing Guideline.

Financing Duration

  • Repayment terms are between two (2) and ten (10) years.

Repayment Methods

  • Standing Instruction from other Financial Institutions where the customer salary account is credited.
  • BSN Standing Instruction.

Required Documents

The documents required for BSN Personal Financing is as follows :

»  Latest three (3) months original Salary Slips for verification;
»  A copy of latest three (3) months Salary Slips;
»  A copy of your NRIC (front and back);
»  Latest EPF Statement; AND
»  Confirmation Letter from the Employer with the below details:
–  Name and NRIC
–  Designation and Employment Status
–  Date of Employment
–  Monthly Salary
»  Latest EA / EC Statement and J Form for the past two (2) years or other official document
issued by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

BSN Personal Financing Profit Rate

  • The profit rate is 6.5% per annum.
  • Please ask the sales person or read in the products disclosure sheet on the Effective Annual Profit Rate. Read here to understand about Effective Annual Profit Rate.

BSN Personal Financing Repayment Table (Jadual Pembayaran Pembiayaan Peribadi BSN) 2013


Apply BSN Personal Financing Online

If you are interested to apply BSN Personal Financing (loan), please fill up the application form and return back to any nearest BSN branch.

Personal Loan/Personal Financing Calculator
Please use the loan calculator to check on the monthly repayment.

Personal Loan/ Personal Financing Details :
Name : Bank Simpanan Nasional
Website :

BSN_personal loan

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